Kinda Like the Hulk

I was really big and muscled. Green too. Kinda like the Hulk. Even though I had never read the Hulk much. I was running around what seemed like a random big city. Most people seemed afraid of me. Probably ‘cause I seemed to beat people up randomly as well. It was all kinda weird. It had always bothered me that all those comic book superheroes never did anything worthwhile with their superpowers, and now I didn’t do anything worthwhile with mine either. Well, I might have still been an anarchist on a rampage rather than another fool obsessed with upholding law and order or defending the government or making sure American families had a nice Christmas, but still I seemed like a far cry from doing something really beneficial to mankind, like taking rich people’s money, overthrowing governments, or killing fascists. Then again, I’m not responsible for my dreams. Or am I?